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Supertooth Wireless Bluetooth NFC Speaker HIGH Performance Grey Disco D4

Supertooth Wireless Bluetooth NFC Speaker HIGH Performance Grey Disco D4

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Product Dimensions: 12.1 x 15.9 x 12.7 cm Boxed-product Weight: 662 g Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included) Item model number: 004136 Bluetooth version 4.0 Stream music wirelessly from your Smartphone, tablet, computer or MP3 player supporting Bluetooth A2DP Portable product, carry your music everywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery Operating range: 10 metres Superior sound quality The SuperTooth Disco 4 is a portable wireless stereo speaker able to stream music from any Bluetooth A2DP device, including iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch. The SuperTooth Disco 4 is equally compatible with all other Smartphones, PCs and MP3 players that support Bluetooth A2DP. Use the SuperTooth Disco 4 with your mobile phone. Whether it is an improvised dinner or last minute party - whatever the circumstances you'll never run out of the SuperTooth Disco 4 with a computer. Listen to your music while you are working in the office or playing your favourite game at home. With the SuperTooth Disco 4 you will enjoy listening to audio when playing games, watching a movie or a video - as if you were there!Use the SuperTooth Disco 4 with an MP3 player. Enjoy and share tunes while camping with friends, having a family picnic at the park, doing odd jobs in the garden or in the the SuperTooth Disco 4 with a tablet for a mini home-theatre experience. Users can stream music wirelessly from any cell phone, tablet, computer or MP3 player supporting Bluetooth A2DP to a SuperTooth Disco 4. The apTX protocol keeps the quality of your original audio files to optimise them when streaming to the Disco 4.The SuperTooth Disco 4 kicks out 8 watts RMS audio power with two speakers on the front and a high efficiency bass reflex system situated at the back of the unit. With its clean lines and harmonious proportions, the SuperTooth Disco 4 is the musical element that fits perfectly into your home. More than a stereo speaker, it is a design object: in your living room, your bedroom or on your desk, the SuperTooth Disco 4 will find its place naturally.SuperTooth D4 Disco 4 Bluetooth and NFC Speaker Jack 3.5mm audio cable Resembles a boxy, cropped-off megaphone thanks to its new signature design feature a rubber top handle. As the only new material on the otherwise matte plastic and fabric-faced speaker, the handle roughly color-matches the plastic, which SuperTooth will offer in a small collection of color options. Because of the handle, Disco 4 can be grasped in one hand as the rubber top rests on your knuckles like a semi-taut strap. The iPad-like weight of 1.12 pounds enables Disco 4 to feel surprisingly light given its size, although it s hard to picture people actually holding it for extended lengths of time during music playback. Disco 4 supports Bluetooth 4 a feature that s still rare today in Bluetooth speakers and packs a rechargeable battery that s rated for three to twelve hours depending on the volume of your music. That s slightly higher than the three to ten hours promised by Disco 2 and Disco Twin, and a little below the three to fifteen hours in Disco 3, but the difference isn t significant; each is slightly below par with most Bluetooth speakers. The runtime is offset by SuperTooth s inclusion of both a wall adapter and micro USB charging cable that can keep the system running off a nearby outlet whenever you re not carrying it around. Many $100 speakers pass on including the wall adapter in favor of pure USB charging, so it s nice that Disco 4 offers users the choice. Controls have been radically simplified this time out. Regardless of the hand you use to hold it, your thumb will rest near the unit s only button a circular power button on the back while a single connectivity light, micro-USB charging port, and aux-in port sit alongside it. If you want to change the volume level or track, you do that on your iOS device rather than on the speaker, a change from prior Disco models. Tapping the power button can play or pause tracks, holding it down while the unit is on will turn the power off, and holding it down while the unit is off will initiate Bluetooth pairing mode. Unlike Disco Twin, which included voice prompting, there are no frills in powering on or pairing this unit: you ll hear different beeps and tones rather than verbal status acknowledgements.


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