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Had your tackle lost, stolen or damaged and need a quote for your insurance company?

Then look no further.

We deal with insurance claims every week and are now offering this service to ensure you are properly compensated for your claim. Simply provide a list of the items you wish to claim for and we will provide a quote for your insurance company and direct replacement of the items. It will either be like for like or an updated current model of your original tackle.

Please ensure the list is as detailed as possible and includes the price you originally paid for the products. We will make it our mission to supply the most top quality replacements and offer free goods to the value of 2.5% of every completed claim.

This includes any quotations that we have to price match with other retailers. Remember,your insurance company may have contracts with other retailers they will push you towards but it is your choice to go ahead with a different retailer offering the same cover amount. The only difference being we give you the extra 2.5% of goods free of charge.

For any additional information feel free to call Marcus on 01274 729570 or 01924 835443 (if not available leave a message with our members of staff and you will receive a call back). We have over 50 years experience at handling insurance claims so put you trust in us to make sure you are properly compensated for your loss!