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Drennan Fine Match Hooks

Drennan Fine Match Hooks

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Drennan Fine Match hooks are a micro barbed pat­tern, for rivers, canals, and still waters where barbed pat­terns are appropriate. Key Features: • Micro barbed • Bronze • Special bend • Long shank • Forged • Chemically etched long needle point • Precision tem­pering • Extra long dur­able needle points When fish are really finicky and dif­fi­cult it’s remark­able how ultra light­weight hooks can pro­duce extra bites. These are ideal for small baits such as blood­worm and joker as well as pinkie and squat. Available in sizes 16 (0.32), 18 (0.28), 20 (0.25), 22 (0.23) and 24 (0.22).


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